Vendor Spotlight- Heckman's Muddy Boots

Hey everyone! We're picking back up with our Vendor Spotlights! We want to give you guys an idea of who our vendors are and what they offer. This week we are introducing (or re-introducing) you to Heckman's Muddy Boots. This wife-husband duo has a both located in our Warehouse and they absolutely embody what The Perfect Pair is all about. Adam is the builder and craftsman behind their handmade items and Melinda take their creations to the next level with her creative design skills! Their booth is always stocked with adorable home decor as well as seasonal items.

Their favorite thing about what they do is being able to interact with customers to use their creativity and challenge theirselves to expand their skills and create unique items. Their favorite thing about TPP is the staff (& we love them!) and what TPP stands for. Their current goals as a business include a desire to help TPP expand, as well as grow together as vendors! Bouncing ideas off of their other and using each other as motivation, they are able to build, create, and enjoy working together as a husband/wife team. Fun Fact: These two are aren't just all business- they are "just 2 goofballs" who love life and each other, and enjoy building they life they share together!

#OnlyAtThePair can you find Heckman's Muddy Boots. If you are lucky enough to stop by on a day when they are working the Warehouse, be sure to stop and talk with these amazing individuals. We feel so lucky to have Heckmans in our family. They have inspired some of our projects and are always looking for ways to help TPP reach new audiences. Stay tuned for more Vendor Spotlights and What's Going on at The Pair!

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