We Run the World

An Inspiring Woman Running a Little Corner of the World

Here's to the dreamers, the believers, the creative, and the ambitious... may you feel inspired and hopeful in Wanda's story of how she is running the world as a strong, driven woman that we all can aspire to be like. May you see yourself through her and find her words comforting and motivating to grow into yourself and all that you were meant to be. Above all, may women know that there are no bounds, hurdles, or challenges that they cannot overcome, for, we truly do run the world.

Background on the Author:

​As most of you know, my name is Maggie and I am a recently hired member of The Pair team! I moved to the area about two years ago and felt both excited for a new adventure and apprehensive about the move. I knew very few people in the area and this was my very first year of teaching. I felt as though if I did not succeed, or enjoy my new home, the weight of all the "told-you-so's" would come crashing down. 

​My new home never fell short of my high expectations and I was so blessed to see this little corner of heaven in Warrensburg as a welcoming comfort if and when I felt homesick or lonely. The Perfect Pair opened their doors to me and made me feel a great sense of belonging. I want to mention this piece again because I think it is important to note that this article is written from the perspective of someone looking from the outside in, a customer that has experienced a personal connection to a business and the people within it, and someone who has witnessed the magic without knowing all the hard work that went into making it as such. With that being said, you have permission to read this article in a way that is hopefully very much relatable and you also have permission to see Wanda's stories of her struggles, her successes, and her blessings not to be intimidating and unattainable, but motivating and realistic. 

The Journey:

There are so many of us, especially women, who may feel like the world was designed to depict us as "the underdog". Let's be honest, in history the sweetest victories are those where the underdog comes out on top and defies all doubts and odds. As a woman with big ideas and constant anxiety, I wanted to gain insight and perspective into the journey Wanda entered and all of the pitstops along the way. As we all know, the idea of a journey and the destination are so exciting, but roadblocks, potholes, flat tires, and dead ends will always slow us down, and these are the moments where we learn the most. As Wanda had so humbly confirmed throughout this interview, growth occurs when the weight of the world seems unbearable, and reflection makes us realize how important that weight was. I wanted to get a look into the ups and downs that Wanda had experienced throughout the growth of The Perfect Pair in order to better understand what it takes to build such an incredible place. As I interviewed and listened to Wanda in admiration, I gathered several important messages about building a business and running the world as a strong, creative, and inspiring woman. 


Have you ever driven in a familiar neighborhood and were surprised by the sight of something that you had never seen before, but was always there? I strongly believe that our eyes and ears are drawn to the things that we need to see and hear the most in that exact pitstop of our journey. Listening to Wanda, I gathered that she feels similarly. With that being said, I will share my biggest take-aways, but I encourage you to explore and develop your list to reflect where you are in your journey. While these points may have stood out to me and felt important, others may speak to you, as I hope they will. 

1. Build the foundation: It is so difficult to give up control. Whether you feel confident that you are not someone who craves control, I can assure you that there are areas of your life that you would rather not delegate to someone else. Wanda confirmed that in order to build a dream, we must lay the foundation, and build the team to help us stack the bricks. We cannot do it all on our own, no matter how strong we want to seem. The outcome is so much more enjoyable when you can admire it from afar with some of your favorite people. 

​2. Embrace the down more than the up: I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Wanda's stories of her struggles, and not because the downfalls are usually more interesting than the upsides, but because Wanda had such a refreshing mindset regarding these downfalls. She sees all her roadblocks as lessons, and has confirmed that in a world where everything is made to be efficient, it is truly a blessing to run into a moment where you can dissect a problem and learn the solution from the inside-out. I love the example Wanda gave me about the POS system they use in the shop. She said she was not using it efficiently, and in turn, was spending too much time on the leg-work of the business, and not enough time on what mattered to her most. However, because of the slow steps she took in order to understand the program, she now understands the essential functions like the back of her hand. 

3. Quitting: Lastly, I admired Wanda's courage when she felt like quitting. This message really stuck with me after the interview. I believe that when we are passionate about something and really want it to work, we have a tendency to engage in self-pity and victimize ourselves when it doesn't work how we planned.  Wanda helped me realize that these journeys are not only about us, but about the countless lives we touch along the way. We are all creating something so much bigger than ourselves, and therefore, we cannot pack-up-shop and quit when the going gets tough. 

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