Cathy first stated making her own creations to sell on Facebook or at craft shows but it wasn't long before she realized that craft shows were not her thing.  She decided what she needed was a "cute little shop where I could leave my inventory out and that had a high amount of traffic."  Her friend suggested The Perfect Pair.  Cathy had never heard of it but trusted her friend's judgement.  "After meeting Wanda and being inside those walls, I fell in love and so I am living my dream."

Her inspiration comes from God and her sense of humor.  She loves creating fun and everyday life messages but her favorite thing to make is faith-based décor.  That is also her favorite thing that sells from her booth. "I am in awe and get so excited every single time someone has purchased from my booth.  Why? Because I created it.  Everything in my booth is handmade and my heart flutters with each sale.  I am so humbled that God placed me at TPP.  Thanks be to God, Wanda, the staff and all the customer's support for this beautiful journey I'm on at TPP."