E-Cloth Deep Cleaning Mop Head

Used with the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop, the Deep Clean Mop Head removes grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria from all types of hard flooring.
  • The E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop Head strips grease, grime, dirt, and over 99% of bacteria from all types of hard flooring. Wood, tile, or laminate, it cleans and protects your investment — with just water.
  • The thick pad goes to work with the power of masses of microfibers. Quick-grip hook-and-loop fasteners makes it easy to attach and remove from the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop. When you're done, just toss the mop head in the laundry to refresh.
  • Deep cleans with the power of precision-engineered microscopic fibers activated by the cleaning power of water. No need to add additional cleaners — or worry about crawling kiddos and curious pets.
  • Unlike single-use, throw-away refills, our reusable mop head is made to last — and guaranteed to perform for 300 washes or 3 years.
  • Dampen with water. Leave only water behind. So much simpler, swifter, and savvier, it's hard not to share the news. (Friends might occasionally enjoy other topics).
  • Like you, we think cleaning should be effective, easy, and eco-savvy. A smarter way to clean, E-Cloth is enough.

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