E-Cloth High Performance Dusting & Cleaning

The E-Cloth Dusting & Cleaning Cloth has a natural positive charge that attracts dust and allergens, locking them into the extra long super-soft fibers.
  • The E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Cloth has dry dusting and damp cleaning down. Use it dry to attract and trap dust, pollen, pet hair, and more from wood, glass, granite, and leather. Dampen with water to remove grease, grime, and over 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces.
  • The two-sided cloth has a positive static charge that attracts dust and debris. On one side, extra-long polyester fibers grab and trap debris. On the other, a tight weave makes it easy fold into a pad for thorough cleaning. Rinse after use. Toss in the laundry to refresh.
  • Unlike ordinary dusters that push around dust, pet hair, and pollen, this cloth traps them once and for all, leaving fewer particles to irrorate eyes and noses.
  • We like how our 3-year or 300-wash guarantee stacks up against the mountain of throw-away dusters you might use otherwise.
  • Dry or damp, the E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Cloth is your secret weapon for a simple, swifter, savvier clean.
  • Like you, we think cleaning should be effective, easy, and eco-savvy. A smarter way to clean, E-Cloth is enough

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