One Pot At A Time Pink Purple Fatty Moon Jar


10”W x 10”H Pink Purple Fatty Moon Jar  

I really did not like this pot to begin with, but now I am so sad to see it go. This is probably one of the biggest pieces I have made. I would recommend you pick this one up at the Pair! Such a beautiful pot.  Pink Purple Rutile on Stoneware. Reduction fired to cone 10 (approx. 2350 degrees F). 2019. 

One Pot At A Time! 

Margaret creates handmade ceramic functional wares and ornate vessels...or pots! Margaret is a student at the BFA Art Therapy at Millikin University, right here in Decatur Illinois. When creating each pot, she begins with mixing the clay and glaze from raw materials. After throwing, trimming and taking each piece through two firings a beautiful final product is created. Life can throw all kinds of things at you, but knowing she can create ceramics brings joy to Margaret! Starting looking for slightly blown-out body and flared rim…. It is starting to become her signature!

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